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Criminal Law

In a recent Federal Drug Trafficking case, my client received an extraordinary result. The sentencing judge stated at the final hearing, that he was giving my client the largest downward deviation from the Federal Guidelines that he had awarded in his career as a Federal Judge. This Federal Case was extremely complex, involved voluminous investigatory materials, large quantities of narcotics and was litigated over the course of two years.

In a recent State Felony Theft case, my client received an extraordinary result. Indicted for a Class B offense, which calls for a maximum of ten years in prison, I was able to defer sentencing with an agreement that upon meeting certain conditions, my client will be convicted only of a misdemeanor, and will serve no jail time.

In addition to working hard to obtain the best resolution possible for all my criminal clients, I am attempting to establish through an appeal to the Maine Law Court a clear and reasonable standard for a police officer to arrest a passenger in a motor vehicle. Any time you, or a family member is a passenger in a motor vehicle that is stopped by the police, you or that family member risk arrest if the officer discovers contraband in that vehicle. You could be a passenger in a vehicle of a person with whom you are barely acquainted; but the way some prosecutors and police interpret the law, if contraband such as narcotics or stolen property is discovered in that vehicle the police may without first obtaining a warrant, place you under arrest. That means placing you in handcuffs, and taking you to jail. The United States Supreme Court said in 1948 that being a passenger in a vehicle in which criminal activity took place does not establish probable cause to arrest. Unfortunately since the Supreme Court issued that declaration, all of our most fundamental constitutional rights have been eroded. This erosion has taken place because of a misguided attempt to lower the crime rate by subjecting us to unreasonable search and seizures. It is up to criminal defense attorneys to do everything in their power to reverse this erosion. I am an advocate for your constitutional rights.

Family Law

In a recent divorce case my client prevailed because she was awarded over fifty percent of the marital assets. The reason she was awarded over fifty percent of the marital assets is that through a very painstaking pretrial investigation, and through aggressive cross examination at trial, I was able to establish that my client's spouse had substantially understated his income. Unfortunately fraud does raise its ugly head in many family law cases, and by combining a practice of family law with criminal law, over the years I have developed the skills and resources to prove its existence, if possible.

Lawrence B. Goodglass, Attorney at Law, represents clients throughout Washington County, Maine.