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Calais Felony Theft Attorney

When you are accused of felony theft, you may be confused as to why the charge is a felony instead of a misdemeanor or why the charge has been brought at all. Even if you are not confused about either of those things, you still deserve the services of a skilled lawyer who will be your aggressive advocate in and out of the courtroom.

My name is Lawrence B. Goodglass, Attorney at Law, and I am a Calais felony theft lawyer. With more than 15 years of experience in criminal law, I have the skill necessary to defend the most complex of felony theft cases, including charges of embezzlement and wire fraud. When you are represented by me, you get tenacious advocacy with a client-centered focus.

Delivering Superior Defense When You Are Accused Of Felony Theft

I have experience handling all felony theft charges in state and federal court, including:

  • Embezzlement
  • Wire fraud
  • Grand theft

Felony theft convictions in Maine have hefty penalties that usually include prison sentences and fines. These penalties become more severe if you have prior convictions. In addition, felony theft and other felony convictions have longer-term consequences, such as banning you from being able to own a firearm and keeping you from being able to hold certain jobs.

With my seasoned criminal defense judgment and negotiation skills, there may be a variety of options available to you other than the bevy of consequences that come with a conviction. I perform a thorough investigation of your case and then provide you with candid advice regarding various legal strategies we could employ. My client-centered focus means that you will be informed of your progress at every step of the process.

Contact Me For Aggressive Advocacy

If you need an attorney to defend you against a felony theft charge, contact me, Lawrence B. Goodglass, Attorney at Law, online or at 207-454-7181 for a free phone consultation.

Lawrence B. Goodglass, Attorney at Law, represents clients throughout Washington County, Maine.